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An Idea for Reality TV

My friends, I have a dream. I have a dream where like minded individuals, who hate reality vote-in shows, band together for a common purpose. To brings this madness to an end. I dream of a day where me, you, that guy over there and every other sane human being all agree that when one of these shows begins its new season, we will, by majority vote, decide who is the very worst of the contestants. And we will then throw all of our collect efforts behind having that person win. To make it more interesting, prior to doing so, we will issue a proclamation that we have viewed the contestants, have determined who is the worst of the lot and that we intend to see them crowned. Basically my dream is to suck all the fun out of the contest by making the final result known 1 day into the contest. In my dream we would also advise the network responsible for the abomination in question of our intentions and advise that being the winner means the person is in fact the biggest loser, except in the case of 'The Biggest Loser', where confusion will reign supreme.
Tags: reality tv break the system
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