I Proformed Acts Of Devotion As If You Were Ganesh (frenzy05) wrote,
I Proformed Acts Of Devotion As If You Were Ganesh

The self feeding machine

Hi everyone. I thought I would share some thoughts about a concept I'm sure I didn't invent. The self feeding machine can be described in many ways. The most simple is perhaps MTV and the VMAs. This is not exclusive to these two entities, but lets just use it for an example. A while ago, lets say about a decade the music industry was taken over by a small sum of companies. Clear Channel being one. Now, to have your music heard on the radio or on TV one must either solicit to the whims of the companies controlling the media, or break into the very few public markets (read college radio and non-clear channel stations). Now, these companies are not happy just controlling what you hear, they will then give out awards with the potential winners being exclusively things that they play. It takes democracy to a whole new level. The people's voice is limited to the things that are heard over and over and waters down the free expression of music to just a few sound clips.

Now, lets take this to something a bit more personal. The economy and the job market. It seems that the job market struggles, and it makes it difficult to find a job. Well in a poor economy there are plenty of lay offs. Well the laid off people and the unemployed fight for the dwindling available jobs. This creates a spiral of sorts and a very frustrating situation for someone who truly wants to work and be productive.

I realize that this was terribly uninteresting but this is a space where I can write some random thoughts and you folks signed up for it. Maybe next time there will be something amusing here. I would guess not. Goodbye for now LiveJournal.
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