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Man oh man my life is crazy

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry for not writing in an incredibly long time.

Lets catch everyone up, I now work for the second largest tier 1 automotive supplier, and they pay me way too much money.

I have once again lost the one person whom made me feel ok with myself, and now feel like I can do nothing but hyperventilate and cry, cry cry cry cry...ect.

I can't help but think that if I could do it all over again I'd make good decisions, and make everything alright. It's doubtful.


So what do I do now?

I finish school in may (FINALLY!)

I probably will have job opportunities all around the country, mostly in locations where I have absolutely no acquaintances.

Am I capable of starting a new life somewhere away from what I have known to be home?
Am I confident enough to be able to meet new friends and have a life away from Detroit?
Can I get by knowing the one I love most, and perhaps will always love like a part of myself no longer feels remotely the same about me?

call me narcissistic but if you can possibly give any information about those last three questions, please, please let me know... I am at a complete loss, and I really can't possibly think of what to do with myself right now, and short from throwing myself off of the nearest bridge, I haven't any better ideas.

Thanks for your time, everyone whom may possibly read this, I can say I haven't checked the livejournal since march, I guess this is the place to go when you feel like garbage and need to vent to people you haven't had any dialog with in years.

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