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my two favorite things are commitment and changing myself...

so thanksgiving came and went, and i didn't have to deal with any of my family, and actually i really did about as close to nothing outside of work as humanly possible. i'm very much suprised, although i did manage to get myself into drunken trouble on wednesday but all and all there was no real damage done... i think. i really wish i would have taken the time to figure out chapter 9 in thermodynamics. but as most things go when you are doing nothing something has to be not done.

i've been thinking a lot lately. which is normally not very good.

in this case it seems to be rather in the middle... i mean, i've realized a lot about myself and human nature, and i think i've made it so that i am somewhat ok with failure. its crazy how i'm almost 23 years old and i still freak out at the idea of not being successful. read that as you may...

successful with love, school, music, almost anything for which i have passion.

i think that there is a good chance that i could be happy with just myself for a good long while, and screw this whole dependancy i have for most things.

perhaps there will be a day where i can be content with everything that i control. wish me luck
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